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Great tasting, all-natural and calorie-free.

Diabetic Safe | Metabolic Improvement | Improved Gut Health 

Made in the USA

  • Sin-Free: UBB Sin-Free Sugar is the perfect sugar replacement to help you stick to your diet and enjoy the foods you love.
  • Nutrition Rich: Our Sin Free Sugar substitute is a proprietary formulation of essential sugar compounds found in nature that help to promote good health.
  • All-Purpose Sugar: The perfect sugar replacement for beverages, cooking, baking, or topping your favorite snacks!
  • Diabetic Friendly: Sin-Free sugar is formulated support and maintain a type 2 diabetic healthy lifestlye.
  • Great Taste: UBB Sin-Free sugar has the full flavor experience of the real thing without the unpleasant aftertaste common in other sugar substitutes.
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Quality of Ingredients

Uniquely advantageous relationships with highest quality and most dependable sources of supply locally and globally insuring peerless ingredient superiority, purity, freshness and consistency.

High Standards for Packaging

Created by BAXCO Pharmaceutical, Inc. A leading center of advanced, plant-based, bio-botanical nutritional innovation for the health and wellness industry. Condition and lifestyle -precision formulations engineered for maximum bio-availability in the human body.

Quality of Formulations

State-of-the-art facility and scrupulously managed pharmaceutical-level best-practice. The high-bar in safety, training and process-excellence that is the model for the industry.

Real Sugar Taste without the Risk

  • Zero Calories
  • Minimal Carbohydrates
  • No elevated Blood Sugar Response*
  • Low Glycemic Index*
  • Low Glycemic Load*
  • Type-2 Diabetic Safe*
  • Nutritionally Rich & Sinfully Delicious

Realized Through an ‘Essential Sugar Complex’

  • Novel Composite of Glyconutrients
  • Bioactive Nutrients that are Naturally Present within the Human Organism
  • That are Integral in Maintaining Proper Metabolic Balance, Fitness and Function
  • Unique to the Sinfree Formulation

An Ingenious – and Original — Recipe Delivering Our Own Proprietary Complex of Essential Sugars A Full- Spectrum of Vital Glyconutrients

Fucose – An essential building block for nucleic acids found in a variety of marine plants and other organisms that guard against invading bacteria.

Galactose – A complex monosaccharide sugar found in a wide assortment of naturally occurring carbohydrates that support enhanced immune health.

Glucose – A simple carbohydrate essential in keeping the mechanisms of the body in top working order, enhancing neurological functioning and facilitating inter-cellular energy production.

Mannose – A complex monomer compound found in a wide variety of plants and fungus.

N – acetylglucosamine (GalNAc)

– Joint rejuvenator and collagen production enhancer typically found in bovine and shark cartilage.

N – acetylgalactosamine – A joint rejuvenator and collagen production enhancer thats also found in bovine and shark cartilage.

N – acetylneuraminic acid (Neu5Ac) – Otherwise known as “sialic acid.” Particularly important as an immune regulator.

Xylose – A natural sugar compound found in a range of woody vegetation that is a powerful healing and probiotic agent supporting good gut health.

Harboring Extraordinary Healing and Cellular Restorative Properties And Out-of-this-World Flavor When Combined Through Our Master, Plant-Based Formulation

Add to foods and beverages as you would sugar:

  • Coffees
  • Teas
  • Frappes
  • Lattes
  • Blended Beverages
  • Cold Drinks

Great For Baking

Use SinFree Sugar in all your low-carb baking and cooking recipes. Create your favorite, fully flavorful desserts, that are low carb, nutritious, risk free and guilt-free!

Ketogenic Friendly

Substituting SinFree Sugar into your ketogenic dietary program makes it easy to keep track of your net carb count by subtracting when counting macros due to its minimal carb contribution.

Diabetic Safe: No elevated blood sugar and insulin response*. Low glycemic index*. Low glycemic load*. Zero metabolic health risks. (*As shown in Sydney University’s Glycemic Index Research Report #1364 on SinFree Sugar)
Made from “Good Sugars:” A blend of all natural essential sugars – all vital glyconutrients – that are integral in supporting proper metabolic balance, fitness and function.
Good for the Body and the Soul: Real sugar goodness that is nutritionally rich that functions as a dietary fiber and a super food and supports normal liver and immune-system functions.
All Purpose Sugar: Use SinFree Sugar for all your sweetening needs! Great for hot and cold beverages, cooking, baking and toppings for fruit and cereal.


Ingredients: Xylose, Erythritol, Fucose, Galactose, Glucose, Mannose, N-Acetyl Galactosamine, N-Acetyl Glucosamine, N-Acetyl Neuraminic Acid.

–       How should I store my UBB products?

o   It’s best to store all vitamins, including all-natural plant-based supplements, in a cool, dry place.

–       How long do UBB products retain their freshness?

o   If properly stored, UBB products retain their freshness and viability for approximately 3-years once opened.

–       What is Bioavailability?

o   The amount of a nutritional substance that can be absorbed on a cellular level through each dosage.  We call this the “efficacy” of each dosage.

–       Are higher-dosage formulas necessarily superior?

o   No.  Efficacy or cellular impact vs. dosage size or ingredient concentration is the key indicator of a supplement’s true value.  In fact, there are risks involved with less sophisticated, high-dosage formulas that are not properly absorbed as they tend to tax liver and kidney function to process what reverts to waste material in the body for ingredients that fail to be properly absorbed.

–       How can UBB offer advanced, top-end, plant-based bioactive supplements for a more moderate price point more commonly associated with the mass market?

o   UBB is essentially the “VIP Brand” of BAXCO Pharmaceuticals, a leading research and innovation center for naturally-derived, science-backed nutritional supplementation that supplies major, high-priced, top-end brands with formulations for which BAXCO Pharmaceuticals is the formulator and manufacturer.  The UBB Brand alternative thus offers savvy, health-conscious consumers the option of buying top all-natural supplementation direct from the source while enjoying more reasonable pricing.. 

–       What are the differences between Probiotics and Prebiotics?  Which is better?

o   Probiotics represent a broad class of microorganisms that help to produce and restore the gut flora – the Essential Microbiota – that are key to optimal health and wellness.  Prebiotics represent a variety of nutrients – food sources – that gut flora feed on, mainly from various carbohydrate sources.  It is the balance between the two that contributes to improved gut health.

–       What makes SinFree Sugar such a landmark advance in the realm of zero-calorie sweeteners?

o   Firstly, SinFree Sugar is not a sugar substitute.  It is a proprietary formulation of real essential sugars found in nature, a unique formulation that is diabetic-safe, contributes zero calories and offers unique health benefits including functioning as an effective Prebiotic, thus supporting optimal gut health, while providing real sugar taste.  Because it is real sugar.  Sugar that just happens to be good for you.  It represents another landmark discovery pioneered through our state-of-the-art product development center.

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