Baxco Pharmaceutical

A Leading Source of Advanced Nutraceutical Supplementation For the Greater Wellness Industry Worldwide In the Heart of Southern California

About Us

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Trusted Supplier of Top-Quality Formulations for Top Wellness Brands

A preferred GMP-certified source for the research, development and production of ever more advanced, effective, premium supplements marketed by top-tier consumer brands.

Our Superior Formulations Now Offered to Health-Conscious Consumers Directly Through Our Own House Brand — UBB

Our most advanced, condition-specific/ lifestyle-specific lines of premium dietary supplementation direct-from-the-source – the innovation source.

Offering smart consumers most advanced dietary supplementation at a fraction of the cost.

A Premier Research and Innovation Center for Science-Backed Natural Supplementation

Dedicated to the discovery, development and delivery of healthful, all natural foods and supplements of highest quality and efficacy serving the greater nutritional supplementation industry.

  • Fueling the growing demand for science- backed breakthroughs in all-natural nutrition and dietary supplementation
  • Inspired by Ancient Earth Wisdom
  • Relying on Nature’s Abundance
  • Backed by Scientific Discovery

The Gold Standard In All Natural Dietary Supplementation A Pioneer in the Wellness Industry Since 1996

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