Gut Biome60 Softgels


Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free

Advanced Postbiotic Supplement

Supports Gutmicrobiome | Immune Health | Healthy Brain Function

Vitamin A | Vitamin D3 | Vitamin K2 | Tributyrin 

Made in the USA

Gut health reimagined. A one-of-a kind, state-of-the-art, “postbiotic,” designed to improve gut health – and human health and well-being – by replenishing our essential microbiota directly, relying on the powerful bioactive properties of Tributyrins, a patent protected molecular invention that fast-tracks absorption into the colon directly, restoring the garden within.

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Quality of Ingredients

Uniquely advantageous relationships with highest quality and most dependable sources of supply locally and globally insuring peerless ingredient superiority, purity, freshness and consistency.

High Standards for Packaging

Created by BAXCO Pharmaceutical, Inc. A leading center of advanced, plant-based, bio-botanical nutritional innovation for the health and wellness industry. Condition and lifestyle -precision formulations engineered for maximum bio-availability in the human body.

Quality of Formulations

State-of-the-art facility and scrupulously managed pharmaceutical-level best-practice. The high-bar in safety, training and process-excellence that is the model for the industry.

Postbiotic Supplementation
The Next Frontier in Gut Health Beyond Probiotics

  • Probiotics…Encourage Production of the
    Microorganisms and Metabolic Byproducts
    Essential to Gut Health – Indirectly
  • Postbiotics…Seed the Gut with these Essential
    Microorganisms and Metabolic Byproducts –

Deficiencies in Essential Microbiota in the Gut At the Root of Most Common Chronic Health Issues

o Intestinal Permeability – “Leaky Gut”
o Cellular Degeneration
o Premature Aging
o Cognitive Functional Decline
o Immune Disorders
o The Full Spectrum of Metabolic Disease

At Crisis Levels in Our Modern World…and Worsening

  • Aggravated by Today’s Fast Food Dietary
    Culture that is Fiber-Deficient
  • Restricting the Body’s Natural Capacity to
    Produce Health-Affirming Levels of Essential

Replenishing and Restoring the Garden Within Nature’s Master Switch to Wellness

o The Safe and Superior Path to Microbiota Deficiency
o And Complete Microbiota Rejuvenation
o The Essence of Gut Health
o The Foundation of Human Health


A One-of-a-Kind, First-of-its-Kind, State-of-the-Art Formulation
Precision-Designed to Improve Gut Health – and Human Health and
Well-Being By Replenishing Our Essential Microbiota – Directly

The Gut-Brain-Body Connection

o The Brain/Body Autopilot and Control Center
o Continuously and Automatically Regulating Key Metabolic, Endocrine and Immune Systems and

Butyrins – or Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCBA’s) – the Essential Microbiota

o The Main Energy Source for the Cells Lining the Colon
o The Lynchpin to Microbial Diversity and to Bio-Systemic Balance and Functionality within the
Gut/Brain/Body Nexus
o The Key to Superior “Gut Fitness”. and “Gut Intelligence”
o Insuring Overall Human Health and Well Being

The Butyrin Absorption Disconnect

o Most Absorbed in Small Intestine — Waste
o Never Reaching the Colon – Its Intended Target for Maximum Efficacy

The GUT BIOME/Tributyrin Breakthrough
Direct Path to Sustainable Butyrin/SCBA Absorption and Replenishment

o Tributyrins…A Patent-Protected Molecular Invention
o Comprised of Three Butyrin Molecules Attached to a Glycerol Molecule
o That Fast-Tracks and Streamlines Pathway and Absorption into the Colon Directly Where it
is Needed

Use: Take two (2) soft gels daily with food.

Ingredients: Vitamin A (as Retinyl Palmitate), Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol), Vitamin K2 (as Menaquinone-7)(MK-7), Tributyrin (as CoreBiome*).

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Glycerin, Purified Water.

*CoreBiome is a registered trademark of Compound Solutions Inc.

Allergen Statement: Dietary supplement is free of peanuts, eggs, milk, soy, sesame, wheat, crustaceans, fish, or tree-nuts.

–       How should I store my UBB products?

o   It’s best to store all vitamins, including all-natural plant-based supplements, in a cool, dry place.

–       How long do UBB products retain their freshness?

o   If properly stored, UBB products retain their freshness and viability for approximately 3-years once opened.

–       What is Bioavailability?

o   The amount of a nutritional substance that can be absorbed on a cellular level through each dosage.  We call this the “efficacy” of each dosage.

–       Are higher-dosage formulas necessarily superior?

o   No.  Efficacy or cellular impact vs. dosage size or ingredient concentration is the key indicator of a supplement’s true value.  In fact, there are risks involved with less sophisticated, high-dosage formulas that are not properly absorbed as they tend to tax liver and kidney function to process what reverts to waste material in the body for ingredients that fail to be properly absorbed.

–       How can UBB offer advanced, top-end, plant-based bioactive supplements for a more moderate price point more commonly associated with the mass market?

o   UBB is essentially the “VIP Brand” of BAXCO Pharmaceuticals, a leading research and innovation center for naturally-derived, science-backed nutritional supplementation that supplies major, high-priced, top-end brands with formulations for which BAXCO Pharmaceuticals is the formulator and manufacturer.  The UBB Brand alternative thus offers savvy, health-conscious consumers the option of buying top all-natural supplementation direct from the source while enjoying more reasonable pricing.. 

–       What are the differences between Probiotics and Prebiotics?  Which is better?

o   Probiotics represent a broad class of microorganisms that help to produce and restore the gut flora – the Essential Microbiota – that are key to optimal health and wellness.  Prebiotics represent a variety of nutrients – food sources – that gut flora feed on, mainly from various carbohydrate sources.  It is the balance between the two that contributes to improved gut health.

–       What makes UBB’s GUT BIOME a superior alternative for securing gut health?

o   GUT Biome, our unique formula, represents that next generation in optimum gut health, beyond Probiotics to Postbioticcs.  Whereas Probiotics merely facilitate the production of microorganisms and metabolic byproducts essential to gut health indirectly, Postbiotics seed the gut with essential microbiota directly.  This represents a major breakthrough in gut health, one of several major inventions in natural bioactive supplementation pioneered through our state-of-the-art product development center.

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