Quality from the Very Begining...
UBB Vitamins was established in 1996 and incorporated in 2001 as Baxco Pharmaceutical, Inc. With nearly 12 years of operation, Baxco Pharmaceutical, Inc. continues to grow and have established business markets in 8 dierent countries; U.S.A., Canada, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. Though we started as a family business and have grown into a global corporation, our company culture and roots remains unchanged.
Baxco Pharmaceutical has a powerful commitment to quality, safety and excellent service, which is implemented throughout every aspect of our corporation. Operating on the highest ethical standards, we test all of our products for quality through independent analytical and microbiological laboratories to ensure that each of our products meets our specications. We believe in giving our customers what we claim on the label. Our goal is to improve health and ensure longevity leading to a healthier and happier life.

Our Mission
Our mission is to improve lives by providing natural health products and vitamins at a competitive price in collaboration with meeting
the highest standards of quality.
Our Vision
Our vision is to break new grounds to a healthier world and to make quality, integrity and excellence hallmarks of the way we conduct business. By executing this vision throughout our organization, we will be identied by our business associates, employees and customers as a reliable health company globally, resulting in value for all.

Our well trained team of quality control, pharmaceutical and nutritional experts provide the foundation of our QC program. We are dedicated to ensuring quality in every aspect of our operation to provide you with the best pharmaceutical products and valued services:

  • Quality Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements
  • Quality Dietary and Health Supplements
  • Contract Packaging and Private Label Solutions
  • Authentic Source of Quality Ingredients
  • Variety of Soft Gel Capsules, Bottles, Caps and Vials
  • Product Formulation and Regulatory Compliance
  • Material Testing by On-site Lab

Quality control starts with a dedication to details, choice supplements and formulations, distinctive packaging designs and solutions, state-of-the-art pharmaceutical packaging equipment, and dedicated customer service professionals.

For more information: Please call : 626 610.7088 or visit www.Baxcoinc.com