Golden Nite Plus

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  • UBB® Golden Nite Plus is designed to help your over-all health and well being. We have selected the nest natural ingredients with a special blend of three key elements; Korean Ginseng extract, Antler powder and Royal Jelly.
  • Korean Ginseng helps reduce cholesterol, adjust blood sugar level, enhance vigor, improve physique, eliminate chronic fatigue, relieve stress, and regain energy.
  • Antler powder may help prevent arthritis. It also helps to strengthen and heal wounds in the muscles and bones structure, enhance blood flow and immunity.
  • Royal Jelly: helps to relieve from fatigues and vomit, adjust digestive system, ght aging, and cure various diseases in liver, kidney and pancreas, enhance immunity and prevent from rheumatic arthritis.


  • Take two (2) softgels daily, preferably after a meal.


  • Help to relieve chronic fatigue.
  • Replenish energy and vigor.
  • Reduce the effects of stress.
  • May increase your appetite and help with sleeping problems.

Supplement Facts:

Amount Per Serving (2 Softgels)

Korean Ginseng Extract498 mg
Vitamin C132.8 mg
Antler Powder49.8 mg
Royal Jelly24.9 mg
Ganoderma Extract49.8 mg
6-year old Ginseng Powder33.2 mg



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