Quality and Service.

UBB Vitamins was established in 1996 in partnership with Baxco Pharmaceutical Inc. In over 20 years, UBB has grown into a trusted name with sales worldwide.

UBB Vitamins is committed to quality, safety and customer service. Operating with highest standards, all products are tested for quality through our independent analytical and microbiological laboratories and to ensure that each product meets our specifi­cations. We believe in giving our customers the highest quality of products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide natural health products with nutritional and organic ingredients at the highest standard of quality.

Our Vision

Our trained team of quality control, pharmaceutical and nutritional experts provide the foundation of our product development. We are dedicated to ensuring quality in every aspect of our operation:

  • Quality Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements
  • Quality Dietary and Health Supplements
  • Authentic Source of Quality Ingredients
  • Product Formulation and Regulatory Compliance


For more information: Please call : 626 610.7088